Journey to Becoming Thirty-Intro

“High-commodity” are two ways that I would describe myself. Nothing stands in my way of getting what I want or deserve. I can honestly say that I’m a very attractive woman with the privilege of being very selective with a proper suitor for marriage. My career as a journalist/writer has opened doors to other opportunities that I never imagined….like acting, modeling, and rapping.

My life is completely surrounded by the Elite of Houston. I only associate myself with entrepreneurs and others whose goals seemed impossible but are accomplished out of thin air like my one buddy that started his own music label right after college or like my home girl that started interior decorating as a hobby but eventually turned her passion into a multi-million dollar company. I brag on my friends because not a lot of people have a team or foundation that is hungry for the same success. My friends and family also add to my value. At this point, I am fearless and unstoppable. The universe is working in my favor…BIG TIME!

Yea….. yea…. yea…… Well actually …. that’s all just a BIG TIME LIE. My life is the complete opposite and I am about to be 30 years old. Something inside me is screaming and it’s scarier then the bump in the night ( sort of speak). Each year, after year 26, has been slowly creeping past me like a teenager past curfew. Where did all my time ago? Where are all the old wise people with lectures from my early 20’s with their warnings and ‘uncomprehensive rhetoric questions’? I need a quick interview with that person. I understand what they are saying now. The years of my twenties are flashing before my eyes as if I am dying and going over the hill to the land of the unknown. I feel like I’m on the “shore of elderly” before gradually washing slowly downward to the abyss of antiquity. I try to grip on to my spontaneity yester-years , but they crumble in between my arms and vanish as if they never existed. Yea…. my life is completely different… as you can tell from this mini rant.

When I was 19, I never imagined that I would have two kids, be unmarried, and college degree-less in 10 years. Life was my bitch back then and so was my mind…. more then…. than now at least. I’m sure I’m not the only one with over the hill jitters… I just can’t be…. (right?!).

Either way, the inevitable has arrived….TIME.  So many thoughts are running 100 miles per hour through my head. I thought that I would have been able to finish college, pursue my dream as a writer, travel the world, meet wealth, and also accumulate wealth. I haven’t even put a dent in any of my “bucket-ish list” of items. Nevertheless, something deep down is telling me that its not to late to bitch slap life again. I can have my way with it again by bending over and penetrating the perceptions of a 30 year old woman in society. FUCK THAT. I am not too old for anything. Don’t believe me just watch….on my Journey To Thirty.

Awww…that felt better

But Seriously ..My Journey To Thirty!!!!!


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