My Birthday is Coming: Cringe Moment

So my birthday will be here in a dozen days. Time flew by so quickly that I just remembered that it wasn’t January anymore. On my birthday I will be turning… you guessed it…..the dreadful 29…. the beginning of my Journey to Thirty. Even though I am age 28 today, I’m preparing for the preparation… if that makes any sense.

Each year I’m asked the same habitual question: ” What are you doing for your birthday?” as if they really care. In response, I recite any lie that I can concoct; entailing a fabulous evening of elegant cuisine or exclusive celebration at a dance club with all my homies. I don’t come up with these tales that no one honesty gives a dingus about  but it seems so right to pretend that I’m this person living a fantastic life, like I did when I was younger.  It’s such a cringe moment for me to taste that same lie year after year. It’s time for a change.

In all honesty, within the last few years I’ve rarely celebrated my birthday. Last year, I installed faux locks in my hair and my boyfriend went over to a mutual friends house to play dominoes. I was a bit disturbed that I  didn’t do anything but it took about an hour to get over it. But this year… I’m hungry for the flesh of adventure and satisfaction. I want to start this journey off with a bang…. I mean I don’t have to but I feel like I should.  And the perfect idea fell in my lap the other day… Las Vegas !!! Truthfully, in a way, I  sort of hijacked one of my good friends birthday idea for her girlfriend but I don’t know…. I feel like I need this. Before anyone judges me,  other people are going so its not a couples trip and also the friggin tickets were only $89… the cheapest airplane tickets I’d ever seen. I think the Universe could feel my disparity of getting older. But anyways yes…my Journey to Thirty will be in La La La Las Vegas….hopefully and I’m excited.

Well…… somewhat excited. I’m not sure if I can afford to actually go to Vegas.. you know like with have “play money” to ENJOY Vegas. I can really use that extra cash for other investments toward my future to get me where I want to be in life. Isn’t that what a up and coming thirty year old adult does? Plan. Plan.Plan. Although memories in Vegas for the celebration of the day that I graced the Earth with one of best friends would be stupefying…..and awesome for that moment…..WWMJD (What would mature Jahs Do?) Haaaaaaaa …………What’s a grown-woman-girl to do?

We shall see…. On my Journey to Becoming Thirty!!!!





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