Top 5 Things Black People Should Do To Be R$CH: Very Simple!!

It is quite simple to become rich and it doesn’t take much effort at all. The following suggestions are: Top 5 Things Black  People Should Do to Become Rich. Although the title of this post is a bit biased, these methods can be applied to every human being. The list is a compilation of research and statistics scientifically explaining the formulation for becoming rich!!!!!  But first lets understand the definition of the word rich:

*Rich (or R$ch):  a.having high value or quality b. well supplied or endowed c. highly productive and/ or d.having abundant plant nutrients

With now knowing that, are you still seeking to be rich or are you already rich? After reading this article, you may or may not be wealthier than you thought. Nonetheless, continue to read the following in order to achieve the rich lifestyle that you desire. Let’s get started:

1.Be Conscious, Be Rich:

The first rule is simple. Just be conscious and rich. Yea, it sounds easy and it actually is. But, first allow me to ask: What is your image of rich? Where did that image come from?  Perhaps it came from something you seen on TV or experienced with someone you presumed rich. We can thank the media for providing those images among others for viewers to adopt or apply to their perception. Eventually, the original point of view is altered by visuals suggested by the media and is shared with nina-arwoodother audience victims.  I mention these things because it is important to be conscious about what you believe rich looks like.

As we read earlier, being rich is possessing something that is high value or quality. There is nothing more higher in value or quality than yourself. Once you are aware of what you are worth, then Voila your R$CH!

2. Eat a Rich Diet

You are what you eat right?….. So why not eat like the person that you want to become. In fact, choose your food like you would choose your date. Would you rather share a night with a pig or a cucumber???? The cucumber doesn’t make noise and also serves its purpose. I rest my case! ba-dum-chssh.  But in all seriousness, you become your consumption. 201608-OPR060116LetsEat011-949x534

Rich can be defined as having an abundance of plant nutrients. These nutrients can be found in fruit,  vegetables and seeds which provides energy and resistance to illness. It is especially important for African-Americans/ African descended to eat a rich plant based diet to combat generational plagues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension among others within the community. This will eventually get you to the rich status of your desire.slide3

* In a study conducted by Stephen J.D.O’ Keefe, professor of nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh, 20 South Africans and 20 African Americans volunteered to switch diets for an experiment. The South African diet consisting of high fiber and low meat intake was given to the Black volunteers and the Africans were instructed to adopt the American diet of fast food and rich dairy products. At the end of the experiment, the Americans had less bowel inflammation, while the African participants’ bowel health worsened. All in all, if  your not healthy, then you are not rich…bottom line. It would suck to have everything materially that you ever wanted, but barely living to enjoy any of it. Therefore, your health is a very important factor on your road to wealth.

3. Get Some Rich Friends:Friends_Illustration 

“I used to have friends that were so poor that all they had was money”. I heard this quote from inspirational speaker Ralph Smart once on YouTube and it makes 100 cents….ba-dum-chssh….. (ok. sorry for yet another mildly humorous joke) …But yea….Get some friends that are valuable in confidence and perseverance. Money is not the essence of being rich….  I believe you will grow to understand that. Birds of a feather flock together, so flock with those

Get some Heart Healthy People Around You!!!

who also want to REALLY be rich!     

4.  Deposit Rich Thoughts ….Grow Rich:

Grow rich by making rich deposits.  This goes back to rule #1: be conscious. “Whatever the mind thinketh so shall it be” as the old saying implies that your thoughts will create your reality. When I say deposit rich thoughts frequently, I am not suggesting to have your thoughts running 100 miles per hour about pointless rift-raft but to continue building your reality conceived with a rich mind. Constantly establish your desires with affirmation and seriousness mentally.4c936da9254aaa6610c1933a5d74830a

If you haven’t yet, please watch documentary, The Secret, on Netflix that gives insight of thinking rich or depositing rich thoughts. Some very successful people offer anecdotes and testifies about this rules position.

5. Follow Your Passion and Produce Rich

With being conscious, eating a healthy diet, surrounding yourself with a goal oriented team and constantly thinking about being rich, you are now able to be highly productive. It is at this time, that you’re internally prepared to turn your life around. Now it is time to follow your passion. Remember you don’t have to make a ton of money doing it but have a ton of enjoyment…yes that’s it. Just enjoy yourself and trust me you will be very productive; producing the mere images from your rich thoughts.

Final Thoughts:

Each person is born with an individual pair of eyes. The vision from one pair of eyes is subjective and not shared with anyone else. See the world with your own point-of-view and not from the conception of others. In my opinion, the heightened crime rate in the black community is probably because we desire the lives of whom society deemed perfect. The whole purpose of this blog was to help people, especially Black people as we have traditionally abandoned or been stripped of our original selves.

Peace, Signing Out!


*Stephen O. Keefe: Africans vs. African American diet

*”rich.” 2017. (22 March 2017).


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