DIY Shea Butter Cream: Hair Grease and Body Conditioner!!!


This DIY Shea Butter Cream, which consist of a combination of Shea Butter and Coconut oil,  is my favorite hair and skin moisturizer. It is super easy to make and can last for a very long time. Not only is this recipe easy, convenient, and economical to make but it is completely natural for the enhancement of your natural beauty ( totally makes cents right?). Before I serve this “DIY Tea” on the Shea Butter Cream, allow me to provide you the benefits of each ingredient. ( Each product sold on commercial shelves should provide this insight on each ingredient used but they don’t simply because it isn’t NATURAL)

*Shea Butter is one of the best oils for naturally curly hair. The cream from the Shea Butter nut of the African Shea Cream provides enough slip for detangling your curly tresses and moisture for a dry scalp ( typical for natural curly hair). Shea Butter is rich in vitamins and collagen which is necessary for maintaining smooth tight skin. The oils from the shea butter is great hair food as it seals in moisture and provides vitamin A,B, and F.

613513025_oPlease Keep in Mind: All shea butters are not created equal. There are different products that claim to be authentic shea butter but have been altered by additional filtering, processing, or bleaching of the organic ingredients in the product such as refined or ultra refined shea butters that are white or ivory colored). Raw shea butter is generally  yellow or greenish colored and will be the most beneficial to use as it still possesses its original qualities. To find raw shea butter, I would suggest shopping online or finding a whole food grocer near you that provides it. The last result would be to go to  your local beauty supply. The shea butter used in the video wasbought at a local African Shop located in Buffalo, NY. *Image of container on right bottom is the exact same container and brand that was used. Although this brand is unrefined, still did its job!!!! Also, you can use any heat resistant container you may have….probably best to use glass.

yhst-88462588038071_2468_657967975*Coconut Oil is of course aids the shea butters moisture retention. Coconut oil overall will prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. Coconut Oil can be found at just about any local grocery store on the baking aisle.

That’s it! Those are the only ingredients that you need.

Supplies needed are:

-of course, the oils

-pot ( I used a 3-quarter size pot)

-empty container (I used an old coconut oil container),

-a freezer

-a whisk


  1. Uncover the African Shea Butter or place loose Shea Butter in heat -resistant container
  2. Fill pot with water to half full
  3. Place container in pot of water.
  4. Boil the water with container
  5. Allow mixture to liquidize, constantly wisk or stir. Also watch constantly!!
  6. Once mixture is completely a liquid, turn down heat for about 2 more minutes. Continue to whisk and stir
  7. Remove mixture from pot…. pour into a bigger container like 28-30 ounces. I used an empty coconut oil container that I saved.
  8. Add melted some coconut oil ( enough to semi fill container) to the liquefied shea butter. Stir oil together in your 28-30 oz container.
  9. Place uncovered blended oils in freezer for 15 minutes
  10. Remove frozen oils and place in an area with a lot of humidity for about an hour. Perhaps, place container on the counter while you or someone takes a shower. This will loosen up the oils to a whipped consistency.
  11. Peace, Love, and Hair Grease!!!!!

The video does not show but I added a few tablespoons of coconut oil. Sorry I did not measure. As long as you don’t exceed the shea butter with coconut oil, you will be fine. Ok, next step: Watch the video below. Enjoy your hair-and-skin*gasm!!!





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