Is there any validity in stereotypes? A lot of us believe that it is. Even me…guilty🙋. Nowadays, we live in a world of “political-correctness” so we try to be very discreet about our opinions or judgements of others; usually expressing our true theories in the comfort of our “like minded” circle. It happens…and I get it…….believe me because I do it.

I’ve grown to understand that stereotypes are extended from our parents or other influences like other family members and even school. Media communications is one of the main key players that arbitrates our notion of stereotypes. Think about it…🤔. Reality shows, detective specials and even local news exploit minority offenders as the epitome of criminals thus resulting in the stereotype that “most Black people and Mexicans steal or just simply break the law”. In school, the infinite stigma was that “Asians are smarter than the average genius American” but I’ve come to find out that Asian parents have a lower tolerance than American parents for less than exceptional academic performance. Growing up, my grandma advised me of Caucasians hygiene deficit. ” White people are the most filthiest people on Earth” my grandma would warn me after witnessing a white woman sneeze without covering her mouth. Up until last year ago, my grandmothers stereotype lectures seemed to be valid. After getting older, I realized that my grandmother’s ideas of white people are possibly derived from her unforgivable experience growing up in confederate Alabama in the late 1960s🤔.

So I’m saying all this to explain an incident that happened recently when I made a stereotypo; basically I made an ass of myself by judging in error. Ok….. So my family and I was at the park near my house. By the way, our neighborhood is about 70% white 20% Hispanic and the remainder of races includes a sprinkle of other colors. So anyways, I’m playing with my kids at the park when I hear a lot of screaming and commotion coming from a Black family Barbequing in one of the pavilions on site. They were a few feet away so I couldn’t really see who was involved in the commotion. I could only see a flood of black people gathered around the screeching voices. Immediately, I thought the same thought that most civil black people excluded from any public altercation would think: “Dang, we always gotta eff sugarhoneyicetea up’, they over there fighting “……..😒Yea I thought that….guilty again🙋 … I looked around and saw my facial expression mirrored by a white couple sitting on a bench near us. They were terrified. I think they even clinched each other.

Assuming gunshots would pursue I threw myself and my kids in our car and “Danika-Patricked” out of the parking lot. While leaving, I was very proud of myself for instinctively protecting my kids from danger…….I was SUPER MOMMY!! The thought made me smile inside.

While driving back home, we drove past the “dangerous” black family that was terrorizing the family park on Sunday. I was even able to get closer look at what they were doing. When I got a good view of their mischievous activities, I felt awful more like stupid. In the huddle was a few adults (some elderly) a litter of small children. One group of adults were strategically setting up orange cones in the grass to act as bases for a kickball or softball game and the other adults were choosing teams. The kids were shrieking with excitement and the collaborated voices of the adults chastising their children added to the volume. Nonetheless, everyone was wearing smiles and they’d all seemed to be having a good time. I SMH all the home. They reminded me of my family. Suddenly I was mad at myself and the white people that clutched their pearls in fear of these jolly black barbequing people. My People. But I was especially mad at myself for that stereotyp-o against my brothers and sisters.😔

I’m basically saying, that there isn’t any validity in stereotypes. There’s only good people or bad people, smart and dumb, clean or dirty. Right? Race isn’t a factor, at least not most of the time.

I ran arms wailing in fear due to my bias assumptions; when I could have networked with the other 1% of blacks in my neighborhood. Smh. Shoulda did a self check?


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