Brand New Days

Brand New Days are The Best. The sun is shining, Birds are singing. Life is being born somewhere. It is raining showers and may flowers are bloomed. Today is a great day because it’s Brand New.

sun is out

The trees wisen my spirit with it’s impertinent stance and I am encouraged to harden my courage. I am rooted. Everyday I grow to a taller and higher version of me. Every brand new day, the tree and I converse. I listen carefully about the lessons of growth. ” Be still” they usually respond.

I used to be afraid of the sun. “Your skin will get darker” I would always hear people respond dismissively when seeing me bathe in golden rays of energy. I became more precautious about being outside during the suns peak of day. The ‘you’ll get darker’ comment took away some summers for me. I could still hear the tone from whence it came… mortification. I have grown. Now summers are awesome. The Sun and I are in love. He kisses me golden and drinks me dry until we go to sleep after every brand new day.

“Are you there?” I talk to the dimensions unseen with my two eyes but I know something is there. I feel a hand of wind comb my skin. I am grateful of its announcement when I think I’m alone. The wind blows away my when…those yesterdays. I am rejuvenated. It’s a brand new day.

At the end of the day, when the night unveils its sparkling beauty from up above. I thank the universe for allowing me to admire its gifts once again. I dream of sleeping next to the moon as a star.  The clutter from the world of human tangibles and worries still exist but I choose not to share the experience….because tomorrow will be Brand New and so will everyday!

Perfect Vision-:-)!!!

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