Trisodium Phospate: Aisle 5


Over the years I’ve grown to be more of a conscious eater; learning about harmful chemicals in processed foods has changed my outlook on food consumption choices. Shopping for groceries has turned into a 2 hour chore as I try to google the ingredients on the back of products that I: A.) can’t pronounce or B.)  can’t find sold in produce.

Some products like kids cereal are not interrogated by my nutritional label scrutiny as I assumed that the “genetic-food-engineering-monsters” would take it easy on growing bodies but I was wrong.

On my last trip to the market, per usual I bought my boys their favorite breakfast snack, Lucky Charms. My mother-in-law came over for the weekend and cautioned me of the toxic chemical noted as an ingredient on the cereal: Trisodium Phoshate.

Initially, I’d never heard of it until I googled the images of it and my stomach caved in. The disappointment I saw was this:

db8ae1d0199a16fc0f68b2a261adca1eTSP: Trisodium phosphate- Heavy duty cleaner, Use TSP before painting. The label on the image goes on to list vast uses of cleaning with this product but the edible uses were obsolete.  In fact it is recommended or warned to NOT eat, drink, or smoke when handling trisodium phosphate, according to .

I looked at the cereal box and did not see any warning labels about the harmful ingredient inside; that warned of acute health effects when marketed as another product.

Lucky Charms is not the only product with trisodium phospate. There are millions of chemically imbalanced food sitting boldly on shelves disguised as food. Beware of processed foods in general before feeding it to yourself or family. Pick through the labels with a fine tooth comb.

Also check out this video, that informs pedestrians of trisodium phosphate in a lot of commercial cereals.




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