Help!Help! A Star is Falling



I remember the first time I witnessed a man giving birth on television. I was about 4 or 5 years old and it was the most weirdly-interesting-awesome thing that I’d ever seen in my short lifetime. The most intriguing of the peculiar scene was that the expectant man delivered a 6 foot long sandwich and a two liter orange soda…..not a baby!


If you haven’t guessed it yet, the scene is from an episode of the Cosby Show, that centers around the everyday life of an African-American family starring comedian Bill Cosby.  My family and I cried tears of laughter that night we seen Cliff Huxtable and friends become new fathers to large toys and food. As a young kid, I would instantly be glued to the TV set (old word) whenever I heard the jazzy theme music come on. When I got older with a more mature perception of entertainment, I found myself closely observing the joys and tribulations of college characters on Different World, another Bill Cosby production. Little Bill, an animated series of a six year old Black boys adventure, was another one of Cosby creations. images9U27FW52

All of these favorite sitcoms provided a positive platform for African-Americans on national television that rejected impoverished attitudes and social misconduct. It gave us a chance to be the center of attention: but not as a gangster or naïve fool. Cosby honestly created star power on everything he touched and eventually generated famous stars like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Adam Sandler to name a few. A comedian, black activist, philanthropist, writer, actor, PhD…. Bill Cosby is truly one of the brightest stars I’ve seen grace TV Land. As a 79 year old man that has worked very hard to prevent the pillaging of Black culture, it would be ideal for him to rest and sit back to enjoy the fruits of his labor like most rich white old celebrities. However, in America it is inevitable for a Black Activists’ legacy to be destroyed in order to cease the  formulation of protégés to lead Black Communities to a higher vibration. That’s the way the United States of Amerikkka prefers it.



Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy….I said it. I believe that all accusations against Mr. Cosby are from money hungry participants attempting to eat the value of a man’s self built fortune and reputation. These women have painted Cosby to be a serial rapist but these allegations are from decades ago. Did he retire from raping? Why say anything now?   The initial victim, Andrea Constand, stated that she KEPT in contact with Cosby for years after the event in question; the same man that “drugged” and robbed her of pro-choice sex; the same man that apparently dug for gold in her portal while she was conscious. All because she was afraid. Afraid….UNTIL 9 YEARS LATER!!!! What gave her the courage to not be scared anymore? Hmmm…could it be Black Male. If the face fits.


Most accounts from these women tell the story of being cordial friends with Bill or ongoing sex partners. They tell the story of meeting with him alone at his house or hotel to talk business. From my experience, meetings or other professional engagements are usually held at a restaurant for lunch or other business venues like conference rooms. I’ve never went to a potential prospect or managers home or private hotel room to initiate proposals or negotiate my rank in the workplace. It sets off an internal alert: “This guy wants my nookie!!!!“. If I don’t want him to have it, then I’m not going to show up to his personal space alone; unless I want to exchange my nookie for a small price of STAR POWER… SMH

All these women testimonies are unanimously the same, they were drugged and don’t recall the event of being raped or were conscious and allowed these actions to pursue without fighting the assailant with a scratch, a punch or slap. Isn’t fighting instinctive for survival? Or were these women honestly struggling to survive. Perhaps these women didn’t fight because they knew what they were doing.

The American media is eating these charges up, gloating with satisfaction of publicly lynching a legend to remind the country that Black icons are intolerable and have a low survival rate. Former “fans” and unconscious onlookers rise their pitch forks; tightening the noose around Cosby’s dignity. I seen the same henchman during Micheal Jackson’s trial. People are more outraged at Bill Cosby because a Black man evaded White Women, America’s cream of the crop.  Another Emmet Till situation. Poor Bill Cosby. Its getting harder and harder to see the demise of his empire.

Help!Help a Star is Falling. I can’t believe this keeps happening, yet again.

Below is a video I found that shows Bill Cosbys earlier work. It shows more positive visuals of his activism and passion to help his community.


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