4 Easy Ways to Live a Great Human Experience !!!!

On my journey to 30, I’ve realized that the greatest accomplishment I’ve ever made was being born into this world. Although, technically it wasn’t my choice to be a human life form and not a wet stain on bed sheets, I attained the unattainable for many other wet- stain-on sheet culprits. With that logic, I know that the stiff competition to be a human being was for a PURPOSE. A purpose that was embedded before you were considered living. Your ambition to have a human life has been a natural force of optimism even before conception.

Image Credit: Oliver Cleve/Getty Images

As the saying goes, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed then nothing is impossible…..FAITH as SMALL as a mustard SEED….Get it?


Thus, understanding your achievement of becoming a human being, helps you observe things different. Are you surrounded in an environment that is ultimately serving your human purpose or does it serve the purpose of others expectations?


The matrix of reality, has provided a template of an ideal great life as a human. Advertisements, the media, entertainment, politics and so forth has provided these false ideas on how to live “greatly”. Most of these suggestions are shared through these distracting platforms which hinders YOUR TRUE purpose!!

It is important to take this human life experience by the hand and have some fun!  You have the ability to create your world around you and therefore it is easy to make your time as a human on Earth as wonderful as possible.

With that said, Here are 4 Simple Ways (among many) to Help You Live a Great Experience as a Human Being. 

1. Talk with a Tree:


All living things receive information through the Sun. Trees have an abundance of stored information because of its antiquity to the Earth. Yes, trees hold the secret to living a great human experience on Earth! They also hold a key component to breathing on Earth to sustain Life. As weird as it may sound….trees are somewhat like our Saviors and we should show gratitude to the vegetative beasts as if it were so. Sit down and talk to a tree but do more listening. These conversations can guide you spiritually.

2. Talk to Yourself:


Get in touch with divinity in your own mind.  The silence of your mouth speaks volumes in your mind. The movie “A Thousand Words” starring Eddie Murphy creatively illustrates the power of silence. If you haven’t seen it, the premise of the story is about a narcissistic guy that’s talks and swindles more than he listens. He is taught a lesson by a spiritual guru; whom supplements his words with only 1,000 leaves on a dying tree. Every word he spoke out of his mouth or wrote contributed to his death or death of his tree. Speaking internally however was permitted and did not further his demise. Take the time to have conversations with yourself…to yourself ….as if your human experience depends on it.

3. Live in the Now


Live in the Now…the right now….no not a few seconds ago but in the RIGHT RIGHT NOW!!! It is important to not remove yourself from NOW in order to relive the past or contemplate the future in your mind. I love the quote by motivational author, Steve Maraboli, that states ” You gotta be in the NOW to create and experience the WOW!!!! This helps to remember my significance in the world and dismiss lower vibe mental processes such as regret, jealosy, anxiety and greed. Everyday is brand new for me and I am grateful for that. It is important to show gratitude to your present experience; it was provided for a reason.

4. Let Music Heal You


Music makes you feel control…ACTUALLY!  Turn on that song that has been in your head or switch up with some “oldies but goodies” from your childhood that filled you with hilarity.  In fact music, a universal language, is a healing component for your mind and spirit; when played at harmonic frequencies. The music that most of us are accustomed to listening to, whether via radio or internet, is set at 440 hz frequency by the International Organization of Standardization, an organization that structures all international standards (https://www.iso.org/standard/3601.html). However, music prior to 1956 was played and heard at a 432 hz frequency which is more stimulating to the right side of the brain and also in tune with your heart chakra more than music played at 440 hz. Perhaps this is the reason why so many great music innovations like the Harlem Jazz Renaissance and Classical music was birthed before the 1960’s.Nevertheless, 432 hz music can be found on YouTube or an app store. It is most soothing to listen to while sleeping or meditating.

Any boggled thoughts that may be hindering your progress of having an amazing human experience, can be eliminated almost instantly with music.


Keep in mind these suggestions are just suggestions from experiences along my journey. I can relate to the ambiguity and trials of life without a proper manual to assist with the difficulties or malfunctions that arise. I’ve learned that patience provides many answers but also many questions. Your internal self is your guidance. It is extremely oblivious of worldly concerns, it just wants to live freely and sensationally. Always return to the internal you. It has come a very long way to reside in your physical body to fulfill a purpose from the universe. Don’t let it down.

Hope that you enjoyed this article and let me know if these tips made a difference in your day. I can’t wait to hear from you! Peace and Enjoy!!





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