“Bounce Back Smoothie”:Smoothie Recipe for Weightloss!!!


So today is my 5th week anniversary of giving birth to my 3rd child. Yes, my third. I’m obviously starting a collection as you can see (lol). But on a serious note, my body has pushed out yet another human being into the world. Not only that but I carried another human in my body for close to a year. My curvy, slim figure that I sacrificed starches and sugary drinks for progressively diminished into a mickey mouse shape that entailed a sphere belly atop of (still) slender legs. Needless to say, my developing daughter stretched and pushed her temporary residence in my womb to her liking at my body’s expense. (no shade baby girl). But yes, my body has shredded into an unwanted form that I am so ready to edit.

During the last term of my pregnancy, I had a lot of leisure time to browse random profiles on social media. I came across a story from Toya Wright on instagram. She was flaunting her perfect body in a two piece bathing suit after giving birth to her second daughter two weeks prior. Her post figure was flawlessly toned and trimmed like her pre-labor body. Initially, I felt motivated to start mentally preparing myself to work my ass off after I had my baby. I wanted to bounce back like Toya what made her so special. I felt anxious to plan my MILF status as a mom of three with a hot body. “I can have it all” I thought and I can do it within a two weeks time like the magical Ms. Wright.

But after I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, I wasn’t worried about my snap back goal as much anymore. My focus was on making sure she was healthy and well taken care of. I remember having the same anxiety or fear of being out of shape with first two children. However, I allowed time to mold myself back to my physical desire and I was just fine. So this time around, I decided to brace myself once again and let impeccable mother nature take care of my concern. One main factor that I’ve learned about getting rid of unwanted/unneeded fat is maintaining a healthy DIET. Actually 90% of the battle is having eating the right foods. My favorite, easy-on-the-go staple are fruit and veggie smoothies (but ex-nay on all the diary-ay). They have a slimming effect because of the huge water intake and + it provides your required nutrient intake for the day.

One of my favorite smoothies is a simple kale and mango smoothie with a little water. Its really good and if you are not a fan kale because of the pungent taste that most dark green vegetables have, the mango converts the overall taste into fresh sweet taste. I used my trusted Ninja blender for my smoothie but you can honestly use any type of blender.

I used fresh kale (without) the stem. You can also use frozen Kale. Some stores have frozen kale options. You can also use any other dark green, leafy vegetable like spinach or watercress. Dark greens are great for boosting metabolism; especially if you consume it first thing in the morning. I only used about half a cereal bowl of fresh kale.

I used frozen mangoes  because its easier for me to blend right away. I don’t have much time to peel and chop a mango or two; especially if I am trying to make a quick smoothie and get back to Mommy duties.

Lastly I add spring water. Spring water is alkaline. Alkaline is organic energy and spring water provides the energy needed to boost your metabolism.  I only add a half cup of water.

The order of vegetable and fruit don’t matter. Just toss water in and blend it right on up baby!

And Qoila! Your Bounce Back smoothie is ready!!!!



Try this out and tell me what you think. Also try other veggies and fruit combinations to help you with your weight goals.



1/2 cup of kale

1/2 cup of mango

1/2 cup of  spring water




p.S My 5 week old daughter is soooooo beautiful and such a joy to have!!!! She has most of my focus nowadays along with her brothers.picsart_04-16-08275683951.png



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