🌧 †ħ✿$㉫ rAÏǸƴ dAƴ$🌧

Its Raining Its Boring Old Men always Be Snoring😴😴

The clock struck One and I went on my lunch,🕒

Then thunder began to start roaring …🌩⚡🌩

A strike in my senses; I get instant twitches, now no longer senseless, the Men snore even more!!🗣😴

Much louder and prouder while my thoughts get wilder…yet I keep my frustrations in-store.🤐

My food gets cold, from daydreaming of being bold, & now the rain pours and “oh God those loud snores”!!!😴😲😲

These rainy days …awwww on these rainy days, I plead for the sun and its shiny rays, When its bright and clear, I feel more bold and confident …It is easier to tune out the annoying noises of slumbering giants. They are still sleeping very loudly …but when the sun is around the snores sound much cloudy.☀🌝🌞

🤔Then suddenly…I feel resistance. Resisting the want to wallow in the negativity my thoughts followed….🤔

Yes the rain is pouring and yes old Men always be Snoring but food and flowers are growing while rivers and lakes create by flowing and restores life without knowing.🏞🌱🌾💐

So Enjoy those Rainy Days..it is also worthy of love and praise!!!🙌🏾

Rainy Days are for us to rejoice but it will always be your choice…👈🏽

Love Everyday💕



One Comment Add yours

  1. Quinton Rosemond says:

    You are a amazing writer


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