About Jahs*Orgasma

Jahs*Orgasma is a notion that I’ve created meaning to synthesize the mind,body and spirit as one entity.  It is also the appreciation of being a conception of the creator through living passionately and showing compassion to other creations.

“How did you come up the name?” You. The World may ask.

First, lets work on the ‘Jahs’ part-

  • Orgasma of course coming from the word orgasm which, in all, means to climax. The activity engaged in to climax is for the preparation for production (at least that’s what it’s meant for.)
    • Orgama= Climax +Production

Therefore, this blog will entail the expression of climaxing to  the better version of myself and on my journey to produce my vision with the Creator and others…..including you. I am not a yogi or expert on life but just another imperfect individual with a blog that possibly shares the same views about life and the motivation to caravan to a higher self.

Throughout this blog, I will share: